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Newly established Dog Kennelling Business


The Business

A start-up business is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but with enough determination, it can be very fulfilling. This is certainly true when it’s your lifetime passion to provide kennelling for dogs. In addition to the usual challenges that need to be overcome as a start-up, there is a raft of DEFRA requirements that must be met. All of this takes up valuable time, dedication and a large cash reserve to ensure that the business survives past the first few months of trading.


The Challenge – Cash Flow Advance until Break Even was Reached

It was soon realised, that in order for the business to flourish the new kennels would need a cash flow injection which would create a safety net until the marketing and advertising had firmly kicked in and the business felt established. The two directors had used all their initial seed capital on getting the business started and now needed a further cash flow advance to tie the business over until they started to break-even.


The BFS Solution

The team at BFS sprang into action by taking time to look at the business from many perspectives and arrived at the conclusion that traditional cash flow finance would remedy the situation for at least the first 12 months of trading. Looking through a few different providers in this market the consultant was able to match the requirements with a well-known cash flow finance provider and the much-needed capital was put in place very quickly.


The Result

It took the new kennels about 18-months to establish and overcome some major hurdles but has now become a reputable and trusted business. The directors are so pleased with the service offered by BFS that they are already talking to us again about expansion and have managed to acquire an adjacent brownfield for development where they will build more kennelling facilities.


Cash Flow Finance for Start-Ups

Cash flow finance is just one of the many business funding options we offer to businesses at every phase, from start-ups to established private companies. If you’re struggling to get finance from traditional sources such as the banks, we can help. Call us now on 0800 047 2389 for more information.